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Strategy, design and development, we’ve been with Volley from the start on from startup to launch.


Volley Media


Product Design, Branding


To develop a mobile application to enhance the experience for users at live events with a tool to capture and share live video.

Our Approach

By utilising Amazon Web Services we created a high level solution design to allow a user to capture a moment at the tap of a button, and then created an easy, simple and engaging user experience to enable the moment to be shared.

A true end to end product solution.

Volley are an amazing client who trusted us to take the reins and run with it. We helped develop concept and strategy of the product. Found the right technical solution and developed the user experience through rounds of research and beta events. We now have our Minimum Loveable Product in market after the public launch at the Event Market Summit in San Francisco.

Creating a brand strategy that empowers viewers to stay in the moment:

We developed a brand strategy and identity for Volley, that provided them with logo, guidelines, key marketing material and a website for launch. The key values of the brand were based on:


Tap, Edit, share in seconds. Then track your Volley’s performance as it gets bounced through social channels.


Stay in the moment during the event, then connect with like-minded viewers and thought-leaders.


No downloading, converting, editing, uploading. Just hit the magic button, and the app does the work for you.


Volley is about creating and sharing your moments, not moments a brand has chosen for you.

A responsive website provided key communications for launch.

As a startup we had two key audiences the users and the brands that would enable Volley. As we crafted the tone of voice of the brand, it was easy to move forward and create a dynamic site that spoke clearly to both audiences, and also defined the technology in a clean and simple way.

Check it out at

A few grabs from the Beta test events at Tank Stream Labs in Sydney and the Launch at the 2018 Event Marketing Summit in San Francisco.


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