To develop a brand identity for SBS News and World News that reflected its distinct position in the Australia and International media landscape as an innovative, responsive news service.

With a firmly established legacy brand in SBS, SBS World News was in need of a refreshed identity that reflected the brand's distinctive position in the modern media landscape as an innovative, responsive news service. Audience insights reflected that the brand no longer aligned with SBS' strong values and distinct flavour it has grown to be loved for. The new brand needed to live not only in the traditional on-air format, but adaptable across print and digital media touchpoints.

A full picture

To gain a holistic understanding of the business and values the brand needed to fulfil, we started the Discovery phase with an immersion period where our we spent time with each department. This gave us insight not only into how they associated with the SBS brand, but also brought to light pain points and areas they would like to see improved. Building upon the immersion findings and customer insights provided by SBS, we conducted market research and competitive analysis. this armed us with a strong foundation upon which to build the brand identity.

The Lens

SBS' master brand had a strong base of brand values and attributes from which to extend upon with SBS World News - trust, inclusivity, warmth, curiosity, clarity, innovation. Moving from strategy into identity design 'The Lens' was born - two converging circles that, at their intersection bring clarity and balance, became the core design motif of the brand. Conveniently, the lens circles formed the SBS mercator - a fundamental requirement for News' link back to the parent brand.

The Lens
The Lens
SBS World News 'Lens' logo family
SBS World News 'Lens' logo family
Visual Exploration

After experimenting and stretching the Lens in 2D and 3D animation, Art Director Matt White arrived at an sculptural, clean aesthetic that lived between 2D and 3D. The look echoed the brand values of clarity and warmth, adding a distinct edge of sophistication and refinement that elevated it from the previous look and other market offerings.

Initial 3D experimentation
Refined sculptural execution

Motion Principles

Once developing the visual direction for the brand, White pushed the aesthetic further into a cohesive visual language through a series of motion principles that formed the foundation of the animated elements of the package - Intersect, Slide, Press and Sphere.

Design execution

From there, the design elements were threaded through all applications, from set design to broadcast and digital. The result - a consistent visual language that created a unified brand across platforms.