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Designing a cross-platform identity


Optus Sport




To develop an on-air identity for the launch of Optus' new cross-platform Sport offering, tying in with the English Premier League and then rolling out to other sporting codes.

Our Approach

With DD8 we created a modern and flexible visual identity system that delivers the full experience of the Optus Sport brand, designed for a cross-platform viewing experience. 

Designing for the future of TV

Designing for a new brand meant that the slate was clean and the sky was blue. With the video landscape shifting and fragmenting across platforms, devices and screen sizes, it ameant an opportunity to develop both an engaging and flexible on-air identity for a new sub-brand looking to establish itself as a major player in an established market.

Working with DD8, we began the design process through discovery of Optus Sport's strategic goals:

1) To develop a distinctive identity for the on-air presentation of the brand that tied into the parent brand developed by Re:

2) To build on the efficacy fans have with their sporting clubs and inject that relationship into Optus Sport

3) To ensure the brand was flexible across media formats and platforms - particularly in crossing from on-air to social

Creating a visual language

We moved into the identity design phase with the key pillars and goals of the on-air identity at the forefront of the design process. With these goals, we quickly realised that the bold, flat style of the brand would be clouded by the introduction of team logos, which vary in visual style, colors, and often are of legacy brands developed without the flexibility that a multi-platform viewing experience demands. By appropriating and stripping each team logo back to its most minimalist form, we developed a unique thick-stroke emblem for each club that captured the essence of the Optus Sport brand, and was also clear and legible when reduced to mobile formats.  Once this graphic style had been established, we collaborated with illustrator Kiel Johnson to develop a broader visual system for the brand, including unique icons and illustrations. This style quickly became tied to the Optus Sport brand, creating an emotional link between the clubs and the Optus Sport brand.

A  cross-platform user experience

The vibrant palette and graphic style lended to a strong brand presence on-air, and translated successfully across other digital offerings, including social media. To ensure consistency in the roll out of the brand and future communications, we developed a set of smart toolkits for broadcast and social media. Against a backdrop of traditional incumbents, Optus Sport now had a rich visual identity to expand its offering into other sports and competitions, including Cricket and Champions League.


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