Product Design

Ferrari AR

Utilising Augmented Reality to form sales habits and excite consumers.




Product Design


A creative solution to launch the Ferrari 458 Speciale in Australia + Japan

Our approach

Whilst looking into a creative solution - our product and brief evolved. Our final product was far greater than the original idea, providing a practical sales tool that excites the customer about the brand. Through design thinking we were able to match users needs with what was technically feasible and together with Ferrari we recognised an opportunity to take the sales experience to the next level.

By creating an Augmented Reality application we were able to tap into the mythology and showcase specific functionality of each vehicle that was not able to be communicated traditionally in the showroom. We created an engaging and educational interaction with the Dealer, and also captured valuable analytics to help track marketing performance within the showroom.

Utilising the latest in Edge Based Tracking and SLAM technologies at the time, the users experience augmented content over and around the cars, Showcasing what's under the hood without the need of any real world markers.

Ferrari Augmented Reality AR Showroom App

After completing the 7-step walkaround users can customise each models paint color, wheel types, optional components and brake caliper colors, showcasing all possible customisations make this a very practical sales tool in the showroom environment.

The user can then record videos of their customised Ferrari and share it, or keep it as a reminder for when they return to buy.

Additional video, informational content and deep dive technical information are also available from hotspots located throughout the Augmented content.

Ferrari AR Showroom App


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