Hi helps ambitious companies stretch creative ideas into tangible digital solutions that people fall in love with

Hi helps ambitious companies stretch their creative ideas into tangible digital solutions that people fall in love with through human-centered design and storytelling. With our diverse creative background, we push ideas beyond expectations, knocking user experience and business goals out of the park.

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Unique creative ideas

Our multi-disciplinary design backgrounds allow us to push boundaries as we develop and stretch ideas through collaborative design sprints and engaging workshops. At the end, you'll have a tangible prototype fit for stakeholder and market validation that hits user and business needs.

Ideal for: Consultancies, Agencies, Enterprise, Government, Startups

A complete digital product solution

After we've landed on the right creative approach, we'll take this clarified vision and evolve it into a full product experience that exceeds expectations and business goals. We’ll do this with rock-solid strategy, top-notch design and cutting-edge tech.

Ideal for: All

A creative partner

If you’re in need of ongoing creative direction or established design presence for your new or growing company, our Virtual Chief Creative Officer (CCO) service may be perfectly suited to you. On top of our creative mentorship and design problem solving capabilities, you get the benefit of bolstering your credentials with Studio Hi’s creative portfolio and network.

Ideal for: Startups, Scaleups, Investment & Venture Capital Firms

A design advisory

We bring our unique approach to creative problem solving to act as your design partner, ensuring your portfolio companies’ digital offerings are positioned for generating value and growth. This means diagnosing problems, developing and validating new ideas, and designing innovative solutions on an individual basis, or through a wider portfolio audit.

Ideal for: Investment & Venture Capital Firms, Consultancies, Agencies

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